Seznam anglických knih (readrů) dle úrovní.

( 200 slov )

Level 1 – Beginner
( 300 slov )

Level 2 – Elementary
( 600 slov )

A new zealand adventure s CD
Between two worlds s CD
Kim’s choice s CD
Brown Eyes
Jennifer Lopez s CD
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea s CD
Lisa In London s CD
The President’s Murderer s CD
Duke’s Son s CD
One-Way Ticket s CD
Love Or Money?
The Witches Of Pendle s CD
The Phantom Of The Opera s CD
The Elephant Man s CD
The Monkey’s Paw s CD
The Coldest Place On Earth s CD
The Wizard Of Oz s CD
London s CD
New York
Alice In Wonderland
Audrey Hepburn s CD
The Piano s CD
The Murders In The Rue Morgue s CD
Robinson Crusoe s CD
Mr.Bean s CD
Anne Of Green Gables s CD
Robin Hood
Dracula s CD
Three Short Stories Of Sherlock Holmes
Voodoo Island s CD
The Canterville Ghost s CD
Money To Burn
Sherlock Holmes – Short Stories
New Yorkers
Dead Man’s Island s CD
Huckleberry Finn s CD
The Lady In The Lake

Level 3 – Pre-Intermediate
( 1200 slov )

Level 4 – Intermediate
( 1700 slov )

Level 5 – Upper-Intermediate
( 2300 slov )

As The Inspector Said
Mystery Of The Unexplained s CD
Forest Gump s CD
A Scandal In Bohemia – Sherlock Holmes s CD
Bill Gates
A Christmas Carol s CD
British Life s CD
Braveheart s CD
Chemical Secret s CD
The Beatles s CD
The Call Of The Wild s CD
The Canterville Ghost
New York s CD
Notting Hill s CD
The Interpreter s CD
The Prisoner Of Zenda s CD
Pirates Of The Caribbean At World’s End s CD
The Secret Garden s CD
Princess Diana s CD
Gladiator s CD
The Hound Of The Baskervilles s CD
The Thirty – Nine Steps s CD
Seven s CD
Three Men In A Boat
Silas Marner s CD
Black Beauty s CD
Treasure Island s CD
Brat Farrar
David Copperfield s CD
Tales Of Mystery And Imagination
The Garden Party s CD
The Hound Of The Baskervilles
Great Expectations
Sense And Sensibility s CD
Agatha Christie – Stories Of Detection And Mystery

Level 6 – Advanced
( 3000 slov )

The Woman In White s CD
The Thorn Birds
East Of Eden s CD
Saving Private Ryan s CD
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
The Thorn Birds